a&b‘s 48 hour test is a quantitative advertising test that provides a full report in 48 hours containing recommendations and performance metrics including:

  • Communications – does the execution deliver the idea?
  • Message impact – is the ad relevant, believable and easy to understand?
  • Engaging – does it stimulate the target and get attention?
  • Delivers to strategy – does it deliver what was intended?
  • Brand effect – does it fit with the brand/stretch the brand?
  • Stand-out – to what extent is the ad seen as better or different to other ads in the category?
  • Call to action – is the execution likely to increase consideration of the brand and generate a call to action?

Emotional Appeal & Impact

Respondent verbatim comments are analysed using deep textual linguistic analysis to explore semantic language, choice and sentiment expression.
Results are compared to normative levels/ performance benchmarks to provide strategic recommendations.
Rather than potentially discard a creative idea with strong potential, or a narrative that under performs a&b can provide clear guidance on how to ‘fix’ it for maximum impact and ROI.


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