arnold&bolingbroke have teamed up with specialist brand development company, Serendipity Brand Makers, to offer a unique brand revitalisation service that is relevant to the majority of brands.

Brands are facing ever more competitive markets. The number of brands in most categories continues to multiply, and the media landscape is changing at breathtaking speed. At the same time peoples’ decisions are pressurised daily by the stream of messages that assail us. This is the world in which a brand struggles to make its impact. Doing so with a message that is less than inspiring, coherent and focused consigns the message to oblivion.

Against this backdrop we ask a simple question – Could your brand be doing better?


With this in mind, we have developed a half day Brand Reboot workshop format that will open up more compelling, dynamic options for a brand’s future. The brand modelling process used during the workshop is one that has already benefited many leading brands including Puma (global), MTV (global), RAMS, Dymocks, Brookfield Multiplex and HCF to name but a few.

The workshop format brings focus, drive and usability to the relevant insights & learnings covering category drivers, your brand’s relative strengths & weaknesses, and target audience needs, motivations and desires. Importantly, the process is as relevant in the shaping of a new brand as it is in the redefinition of an existing one.

So how do you find this new view that will put your brand en route to success?