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Brand & Communications Measurement
a&b has a strong reputation in brand tracking. We provide clear direction on how your brand is evolving against determined KPIs.

a&b is expert in post-testing finished ads. You would do this as either a ‘disaster’ check (of a controversial idea), as a way to benchmark the creative effect versus the media plan or to determine, for future reference, which components of the creative have most impact, appeal and contribution to the overall communication.

We recognise and promote the value of verbatim (open ended) responses and we go to significant lengths to derive the maximum learning from this valuable data. We feature a proprietary technique – QVerb – the detailed analysis of content recall and message take-out.


Brand, CVP & Comms Development
Imagine you had only 10 seconds to succinctly describe your unique business to a potential customer – what you offer and why they should use you rather than any of the other possible alternative suppliers. This is the essence of a Customer Value Proposition (CVP).

a&b help organisations to develop clearly articulated CVPs, anchored around a compelling customer insight and clarity with the issue of which features and benefits should you offer as ‘proof’ for your target?

We help clients identify the optimal Communications Territory. What is the theme/territory that will best propel the brand proposition? E.g. “The smart home loan”; “Affordable luxury”, “Ultimate performance”?

Which advertising idea? Pre-test/script testing. We have 30 years’ experience solving, for clients, the issue “which creative idea best delivers the intended communication strategy?”.

2.new product development

New Product Development
We optimise product and service configurations that will maximise demand in a competitive context. Which product/service features are likely to drive trial and choice and which combinations are likely to be more attractive. We use concept testing techniques, which utilise ideation workshops with consumers to road-test your own ideas, or spark new ideas. Clearly identify concept uniqueness and opportunities.

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Loyalty, NPS® and Satisfaction
a&b understands Net Promoter Scores. As organisations adopt the measure as a central KPI, we help solve “where should we direct investment – which initiatives would achieve the greatest impact on NPS® and overall customer experience?”

Our StratNet methodology identifies those customer experience episodes that are high incidence and have high impact on NPS®. We then explore which of your proposed initiatives are most likely to deliver maximal ROI.


Portfolio Strategy & Pricing
We advice on how to configure your product range via econometric modelling. We identify optimal value configurations to drive demand. By utilising our proprietary choice modelling system we can measure price elasticity/ sensitively to determine variations in consumer tolerance at particular price points. We provide strategic information that is central to pricing policy and optimisation of ROI.


2.shoppers behaviour

Shopper Behaviour

We define marketing strategy along pathways to purchase by identifying brand inefficiencies in the purchase funnel and optimising marketing and communications strategy. We also offer “mystery shopping”, which is Cost effective, multi-visit, multi-channel measurement using varied methodology – from geo-fencing to on-line.


User Experience

User experience recognises that your consumer’s are central to your success. Understand how you can improve their experience to increase satisfaction and loyalty. We talk and observe your customers directly so that you can receive objective insights on how to improve your website or product offer.

2.package design

Unique HDDR Packaging Design Testing

a&b offers on-line pack design testing, featuring unique HD digital renditions (HDDR). These are computer enhanced hi-def 3D scans that we produce from your pack designs allowing the consumer to zoom, twist and revolve the test design to explore all design features. We also place designs in a virtual shelf array environment. This technology is as close to handling a real pack as possible when viewed on typical consumer owned devices.