Measure how people engage with your retail environment, ‘live’.

arnold & bolingbroke has acquired proven technologies that allow us to measure and provide ‘live’ management feedback on the movements of people, 24/7, in retail, commercial and public environments to:

  • Enhance queue management and customer service delivery
  •     Improve space utilisation and layouts
  •     Optimise marketing campaign investment

MiLi measures traffic, volume, location, direction, speed and time of all activity that occurs in a particular floor space, for example customer movements through a retail environment, how people engage with displays, the time spent waiting in a branch, the numbers entering or exiting a store, or viewing a shop window.

The zonal coverage can be isolated to a single queue, or expanded to cover a whole floor, an entire building, branch, office, airport, shopping centre etc.

MiLi reveals strategies to quantifiably improve the customer experience (and NPS) in branch and retail stores.

MiLi is discrete and non-invasive and yields NO Privacy concerns. It automatically and privately observes and digitises individual people movements through floor space, 24/7. It typically makes use of the security technologies that you already have on-site.

 Using Mili you can:

1. Measure, monitor and respond (via alerts) to queue wait times in branch 24 hours a day

  • Alert staff to allow for a timely deployment of staff and efficient response at peak times (in real time)
  • Monitor KPI’s and ensures customer service standards are met

2. Improve in branch circulation and flow control to enhance customer service experience

3. Ensure optimal branch layout and foot traffic efficiency goals are met

4. Fast track solutions for improved customer experience and NPS performance scores

5. Establish a nationwide performance index of wait time and branch efficiency

6. Ensure marketing campaigns are meeting objectives e.g. increasing foot traffic

7. Measure the effectiveness of in branch POS and advertising promotions

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