After acquiring MBF, HBA and Mutual Community, BUPA health insurance needed a campaign to introduce the brand to the Australian public.

Prior to Bupa, the Private Health Insurance market was somewhat ill-differentiated – most brands competed by making similar, price-based offers and short term sales promotions.

To the goal of achieving stronger differentiation and to offer ongoing value to the market beyond price alone, BUPA Australia developed a new customer value proposition, summarised as “Working with you to be healthier”.

a&b, Bupa’s research partner, was commissioned to assess which of 3 candidate communications platforms, if any, had the ability to effectively resonate and emotionally engage the CVP to the target audience.

How we approached the challenge

A qualitative approach was required, exploring the candidate platforms via adcepts. Importantly, we were not testing ‘ads’ but were looking at the potential of the platforms (i.e. the leverage of the CVP via a unique proposition) to engage the target audiences and to yield a positive attitudinal and behavioural outcome for Bupa, expressed across a variety of media.

Reflecting the presence of legacy brands in the emergent Bupa group, the sample design was extensive in its reach and inclusiveness – featuring 12 immersion sessions across Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The analysis was complex – we needed to ensure that we distilled insights around the platforms from all the peripheral ‘noise’ offered up by consumers about the unfamiliar brand name, category issues and executional commentary aroused from the stimulus. Nonetheless, through our experience, we were well able to develop a clear and simple story for our client.

The findings

Two platforms conveyed the CVP reasonably well, but each had flaws in engaging all segments. We described precisely the merits and the issues of each and a hybrid of the two platforms was created.

As an adjunct, we learned that HOW you talk is important – the voicing of communications was a critical element in creating engagement and empathy.

The effect

The recommendations were adopted and a revised platform was developed. a&b was asked to explore creative ideas, scripts and DM concepts designed to launch the brand in both credentialing and transition campaign phases.

The recommended creative idea was developed by Clemenger BBDO into the now well-know “Find a healthier you” campaign, which very successfully launched the new Bupa brand.

a&b tracked the launch and its TV advertising via our PHIBIS© private health quantitative research platform and reported the highest levels of consumer engagement in category achieved to date.

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