Our client, one Australia’s largest private health insurance funds, planned to launch a new tactical advertising campaign designed primarily for new ‘switcher’ member acquisition. The product was a range of easy to understand and simple to use hospital & extras products, designed to enable the buyer to choose a package or create their own combination of covers.

The communications strategy was “now you can take control of your health cover with our new, flexible hospital & extras range.”

a&b was asked to explore four creative concepts developed by their communications agency to identify which one(s) had the strongest potential to deliver the intended message whilst generating positive appeal/empathy, being fresh/unique in the category and being most likely to generate action (to find out more from the company).

Time was of the essence and we wanted to employ the right combination of consultant expertise and consumer engagement. Using our on-line research community was an option, but for this study we chose to run focus groups among the primary audience to screen the candidate concepts – testing the ideas via a combination of narrative and key frame visuals for script testing. We provided full reporting less than 18hrs later.

The findings

All the assessed creative ideas had issues – the consumer insight that drove one idea was ‘not proven’ and the remainder also suffered from attempting to convey too many copy points, but it was clear that there was one idea (entitled ‘Take Control’) which had the strongest potential to deliver the strategy.

The creative idea was strong but we found several executional elements and ‘voicing’ issues which required a re-write to overcome.

Helping create an optimal script

a&b was then commissioned to work alongside the communications agency to ensure that every key nuance of the research recommendation and consumer insights were translated into the development of an optimal script. Our top consultants each have considerable experience in applying research insights to the creative development process – in this case of filtering the consumer reaction to insights around the creative idea versus those peripheral views about the execution.

The outcome

The revised script was produced as a TV commercial, supported by print and digital. It exceeded expectations of inbound calls to the fund’s sales centre.

Post-launch, the TVC was also tracked via A&B’s PHIBIS continuous PHI research platform and we found it to be successful in terms of correct messaging and engagement. Our NPS measures showed that the brand remained solidly as the leading recommended health insurer provider.

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