SPC Ardmona markets premium packed fruit and vegetables. The company also produces jams and marmalades, which are offered via the IXL and Henry Jones brands.

With their flagship jam brand IXL, SPC faced issues. IXL was the number 1 brand in a declining category. The category had achieved only limited recruitment of new, younger users. Strategically, the company faced three options:

1) Increase frequency of Jam spreading within existing spreading repertoire

2) Reintroduce Jam into spreading repertoire among lapsed users

3) Introduce new Jam spreading into consumer’s spreading repertoire

a&b was commissioned to explore which new product initiatives would be most likely to reinvigorate the market and which SPC brand should best drive this.

How we approached the challenge

Our first goal was to understand what the ‘equity’ of jam was among the behavioural target audiences – to explore the drivers, opportunities and barriers.

We conducted a number of on-line interviews using our StreamVerb© methodology. This approach features ‘streaming’ – derived from the beliefs of eminent scientist Martin Heisenberg. In its simplest form this involves asking consumers a simple question about a category or brand and encouraging them to talk, in any way they like – yielding an open discourse, a top of mind stream of consciousness. No prompting. No probing. No chastising if they seemingly meander off the direct issue.

Through this, we learn a huge amount about what really matters to consumers in this category by simply asking them to talk about the subject in their own words and then analysing what they say and mean in some depth after.

For lapsed and non-Jam eaters – the key insight was that Jam needs more ‘real’ & ‘good’ values to be re-considered. Armed with this, we refined our target definition and invited a sample of consumers to attend creative workshop sessions – the goal being to explore a series of potential NPD jam concepts developed by SPC’s technical team.

We ran eight, 3-hr sessions and each combined ideation and concept exploration exercises.

The findings

We confirmed that for jam to be more relevant there was opportunity to achieve this via creating a fusion of healthy values with fruit values.

Across all the many concepts explored, the idea of Chia Jam (featuring Chia seeds – a recognised superfood) achieved this fusion very well and was recommended for development, as a ‘new jam’, targeting primarily younger, non/infrequent spread buyers

IXL was too engrained in ‘old jam’ values to easily deliver the solution easily and credibly. We recommended that Henry Jones & Co. was the ideal brand to deliver the proposition of ‘Fruit & Chia is not a jam – or simply a spread. It’s an innovation, combining the goodness of Chia seeds with the most flavourful fruits – all while tasting amazing AND boasting 45% less sugar than jam’.

We also recommended a specific funnel of NPD delivering to the needs of adjacent segments.

The effect


Henry Jones & Co. Fruit & Chia jam was launched in grocery in three flavours:

  • Blood Orange & Chia Seeds
  • Raspberry & Chia Seeds
  • Mango, Passionfruit & Chia Seeds

It quickly established itself as a unique and in-step offer to help reposition jam for new and lapsed eaters and to propel SPC Ardmona’s sales in the category.

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