Australia Post was facing a dilemma. After many years of operating a monopoly the internet had brought significant structural change in the communications industry, consumers were embracing alternative methods and the humble letter was being seriously challenged as a primary means of correspondence.

Given reduced volumes of “traditional” mail and the rapid take up of digital communication channels, our client – Australia Post, wanted to test a series of new digital products and services.

Would any of the new services appeal to a digital immersed market which already had a multitude of other options? Would the Australia Post brand name add value to the offer?

Respondents were shown a series of “bundled” offers with visual displays of features/benefits and were asked to make a choice among 4 different offers (with a “none” offer also available).

The study specifically addressed the following issues:

  • Determine the optimum product “bundle” that would maximise consumer uptake.
  • Evaluate the features of most benefit: i.e. which features and benefits would need to be communicated in Australia Post communications? which features and benefits aren’t valued as much by consumers?
  • Establish the price at which a new digital service should be launched: would consumers be prepared to pay a nominal sum for the optimum product bundle?


What we found

The study produced some interesting business opportunities that Australia Post was able to exploit after receiving the research results.

(1) A stand-out new digital service

  • MyPost Digital Mailbox was a clear winner – a new, secure way to pay bills and store one’s most important documents online, all in one place.
  • All consumer segments expressed interest in the mailbox service. One segment (young families with dependent children) were particularly likely to take up the new mailbox service due to its convenience and time-saving features.

(2) Features of highest value

  • The study findings clearly identified the trade-off interactions that Australians make in digital services and the features that were most valued. Consumers mentioned that full data encryption/high levels of security and a spam/junk mail filter were “must have” features of any new digital service.
  • However, it was the convenience/time saving feature that showed the highest level of utility across the board.


Australia Post launched MyPost Digital Mailbox in October 2012 as a free service allowing customers to receive statements and bills, make online payments on any internet-enabled device and track, schedule or redirect their deliveries.

The service has proven to be popular with consumers and numerous companies have partnered with Australia Post for its digital mailbox including Westpac, Telstra, AMP, David Jones, and Velocity Frequent Flyer, as well as a number of government-owned services including Brisbane City Council, Sydney Water and MyGov.

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